Police probe video of officers strangling young man in Kaduna after labelling Him yahoo boy 

The authorities of the Nigerian Police Force have vowed to probe a viral video showing the moment some of its personnel were strangling a young man in Kaduna State.

In a video on X and posted by a popular user, @PIDOMNigeria, the police officers driving in a private car stopped the young man and accused him of being a ‘Yahoo boy’ (Nigerian slang for a fraudster).

According to PIDOMNigeria, the incident happened on Monday in Kaduna south. 

He said, “They stopped him, accused him of being a Yahoo boy just like that, then tried to force him into their unmarked Camry. The boy struggled for his life with them, he held his grounds with them for minutes struggling, to the surprise of onlookers. 

“They tried to strangulate the young man, but he fought for his life. When their brutality became too much, someone asked if they want to kill him. Then from there, people started coming out to gather. 

“They asked them his crime and why they want to strangle him to death. The crowd started growing in protest. The police officers hurriedly entered their unmarked car, because they knew they were on illegal duty. 

“They left the young man and ran away from the scene, as the crowd chanted in anger. @Princemoye1 here is the vehicle plate number. (ABJ 89 PL) Bring these rogue officers to book. Use them to set an example. They were caught on camera, pants down.”

Reacting to the incident in a separate tweet, the Spokesperson for the Nigerian Police Force at the National Headquarters, Olumuyiwa Adejobi said the institution would take responsibility for the actions of the erred officers.  

He said, “This has been referred to CP kaduna for necessary action. The PPRO +2348166405566 could be reached on this line to follow up. We have said it severally that our officers should be professional and decent in their dealings and operations. Beating a fellow man in this matter is not acceptable, thus condenmed. We will all take it up as a responsibility to have that Police institution we cherish and value.”

Another Nigerian, Enitan claimed a similar incident happened in Ogun State on Monday. 

He wrote: “Before you have another #EndSars on your hands, the Nigeria police will be wise to stop this t habit they’re developing. This is becoming more and more frequent.

“A similar incident happened today at Joju in Sango Ota and it took the intervention of passers-by for them to leave the young boy alone.”