Get a hen and feed it corn, it will lay eggs for you – Reno Omokri tells Nigerians complaining about the price of eggs

Reno Omokri has asked Nigerians to stop insulting the government over the hike in the price of eggs as well as tomato and pepper. 

In a post shared on his Instagram page, Reno said to solve the problem, Nigerians should buy hens, give them corn everyday and they will eventually lay eggs for the owners.

 He also advised Nigerians to plant pepper and tomatoes in their houses so they could have the perishables at their beck and call.

‘’If a crate of eggs is now too expensive for you, the solution is not to come online and attack the government. That is not a solution. That is just emotion. Get a hen and give it corn. Every day, it will lay eggs for you. Even if you don’t have corn, the hen will forage for food in your backyard and still lay eggs. Make it two hens and you can sell the excess. Turn the crisis to an opportunity. If you have no pepper or tomatoes, insulting Tinubu will not solve the issue. Go to your backyard and plant vegetables. They will grow. 54% of Britain’s population do it. 51% of Americans do it. If we in Nigeria also do it, we will not die. Instead, we will thrive! Contribute to the economy before you attribute all your problems to Tinubu!

Oya, insult!”