Tinubu’s policies are anti-people, detached from Nigerians suffering – Damagum

The Acting National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Ambassador Iliya Umar Damagum, has launched a scathing attack on President Bola Tinubu, accusing him of governing without a clear plan and implementing policies that harm Nigerians.

In a recent interview on Nigeria Right Now on AIT, Damagum told Dickson Iroegbu that Tinubu’s leadership has been catastrophic, citing specific examples of how his actions have negatively impacted the country. He also warned that over 75% of Nigerians are struggling to survive due to Tinubu’s misguided policies.

Furthermore, Damagum accused Tinubu of being insensitive to the plight of Nigerians, stating that the President’s actions demonstrate a clear disconnect from the everyday struggles of the people.

“Tinubu’s policies are not only anti-people, but he also seems to be detached from the reality of Nigerians’ suffering,” Damagum said. This criticism has resonated with many Nigerians who feel that the President’s policies have exacerbated the country’s economic and social challenges.

Damagum’s comments have sparked widespread debate and reaction on social media, with many Nigerians expressing their discontent with Tinubu’s leadership. The controversy surrounding his policies and vision has raised questions about the future of Nigeria and the impact of his presidency on the nation’s progress.

This development comes at a time when Nigeria is facing numerous challenges, and the country’s leadership is under intense scrutiny.

The full interview can be found via the YouTube channel of Nigeria Right Now: https://youtu.be/W66ATLNHh_Y?si=_yFeLEIqz0Iyqc7e. Viewers can watch the interview in its entirety to hear Damagum’s detailed criticisms and insights into the state of Nigeria’s leadership.
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