Stop maligning Peter Obi, Indigenous People of Nigeria warns Dave Umahi

The Indigenous People of Nigeria (IPN) has frowned at the recent statement made by the Minister of Works, Engineer Dave Umahi insinuating that the Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi is inciting the Southeast geopolitical zone against the Federal government.

I IPN further appealed to the apex Igbo sociocultural group, Ohaneze Ndigbo to call Umahi to order to desist from anti Igbo agenda.

It will be recalled that Umahi had during a press briefing on the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway told journalists that Peter Obi was inciting Igbos against the Federal govt due to the demolition of Landmark Event Resort.

Read the press statement by IPN:


  1. Ladies and gentlemen of the press, we, the Indigenous People of Nigeria (IPN), have convened this press conference today to publicly condemn the inciting statement made by the Minister of Works, Engr. David Umahi whose statement paints the picture of a fool and his tools in the pool of water. It demonstrates the bigotry and blemishes that have plagued Nigerian politics for far too long. Unfortunately, the Igbo tribe has been at the receiving end of this utter discrimination, and it is disheartening to see some Igbo political elites perpetuating this cycle of hate.
  2. We are today gathered here to express our deep disappointment and outrage that some of our so-called Igbo political elites seem unperturbed that the Igbo tribe has for too long been at the receiving end of Nigerian politics of bigotry and blemishes. It is disheartening that unlike the proverbial son of the tortoise who vowed that a single experience of evil is enough experience, Minister Dave Umahi presents himself as the current insignia of “political servitude”.
  3. Nobody is against anybody who wishes to be a perpetual stooge, but to tow any other person into the state of savagery, or malign anybody who shares a contrary belief, is the atrocious, malicious, and capricious tendency we condemn. It is not the first time Dave Umahi has attacked Peter Obi since his prominence in the race to preside over the affairs of Nigeria. Tried as he did in vain during the 2019 Presidential election to truncate the nomination of Peter Obi as the vice presidential candidate, Umahi furthered his hatred for Obi when he became the 2023 Labour Party presidential candidate, and has since the conclusion of the election, failed to rest in his vociferous attacks on Obi.
  4. Granted, that Umahi reserves the right to aspire to any height he so chooses, it is preposterous of him to single out Obi for incarceration and elimination. How else can one explain that in a matter of National importance as the contentious Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway, Umahi could accuse Obi of inciting Ndigbo against the government? In fact, it beats reasonable imagination why any sane Nigerian would take Dave Umahi seriously. Umahi’s stock in trade since joining the APC is a well-scripted anti-Igbo agenda. If it serves his paymasters’ purpose, it’s well and good. However, talking down on the entire ethnic group and dragging them into a sinister scheme is characteristic of Robinson Crusoe’s “Man Friday”, which depicts an incredible predilection for treachery, perfidy, and faithlessness.
  5. We worry that allowing men who thrive on thievery and the aggrandizement of mercantile politicking to take positions of authority poses the danger of extending their political relevance beyond their sphere of influence. It is their delusion that anything standing in their way must be pulled down. Obi is no doubt politically ahead of Umahi, having the majority acceptance of Nigerians, but this Press Conference is not solely about Umahi and his unwarranted assaults on Obi. The conference is a call for caution across Igbo land. We want to say enough is enough of self-annihilation and self-destruction. The Igbo race has been caught in the crossfire of this hack annihilation, and it is time we tell the enemy within to withdraw or face the wrath because it cannot be said that the force of darkness conquers the light.
  6. This is therefore a call on “Ohaneze Ndigbo” to quickly address the various cases of crab mentality amongst our political leaders and call all concerned to order. A stitch in time saves nine. We must stand against this divisive rhetorics and work towards a united and prosperous Nigeria for all.

Thank you.

Mazi Nnamdi Iroegbu
Convener: Indigenous People of Nigeria (IPN)