Val Ozigbo’s “wake up series” : A cesspit of junk verbiage

By Christian ABURIME

Politics remains a dynamic field in which some gentlemen come to serve with sincerity, while many others are unscrupulous invaders out to grab power and relevance by all means.

Admittedly, in the cutthroat arena of universal politics, it is not uncommon for rivals to resort to desperate measures to undermine their opponents. However, in Anambra State, some rivals these days descend so low to the most abhorrent cesspit of junk verbiage.

So shameless, manners-less and shorn of any modicum of decency they are, that they weave tissues of lies to pass off as truth just to sway public opinion. Such is the case with Val Ozigbo, a gubernatorial aspirant of the Labour Party in Anambra State, who, having failed woefully to be elected governor in 2021 as a PDP flag-bearer, has now hopped on a new platform to chase shadows.

Sadly, his only strategy of launching his delusionary campaign is by attacking and insulting the incumbent governor, Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR.

After holding a so-called press interaction with some journalists in Anambra State during which he exhibited crass emptiness, he has followed up by outing a vacuous “Wake Up Series” video through which he wants to “hold Governor Soludo accountable” with magisterial impunity.

However, upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that Ozigbo’s “Wake Up” criticisms are not only trashy ranting of a characterless fellow, but also indicative of his own crass ignorance and opportunism.

First and foremost, Ozigbo lacks the authority to hold Governor Soludo accountable. Accountability to the people of Anambra State lies squarely with its citizens, not with political opportunists seeking to exploit the political landscape for personal gain.

The people of Anambra have entrusted Governor Soludo with their mandate, and it is to them alone that he is answerable. One of Ozigbo’s unintelligent assertions is that Governor Soludo does not listen to or take advice. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Governor Soludo is known for his commitment to consultation and inclusivity in governance.

He actively seeks out the input and expertise of stakeholders from various sectors, understanding that the best decisions are often informed by diverse perspectives. So, Ozigbo’s attempt to paint Governor Soludo as a ‘Mr. Know It All’ or ‘One-Man-Show’ who is indifferent to advice not only lacks substance but also demonstrates his own detachment from reality.

Also, Ozigbo’s claim that Governor Soludo’s first two years in office have been devoid of progress is not only misleading but also disingenuous. Governor Soludo’s administration has made significant strides in various sectors, including security, roads, energy, economy, transportation, education, health, agriculture, and human capital development.

From multi-sector infrastructure projects to social welfare initiatives, the impact of Governor Soludo’s policies is palpable across the state. Ozigbo’s blatant disregard for these achievements betrays his own bias and agenda. If he needs more education on what the Soludo administration has achieved, the government would be willing to take Ozigbo on a verification tour.

Furthermore, Ozigbo’s comparison of Governor Soludo to individuals from other states, such as Governor Alex Otti of Abia State, is both arbitrary and irrelevant. The socio-political dynamics of Anambra State are unique, and any meaningful assessment of governance must take into account the local context.

If ignorant critics like Ozigbo must know, Governor Soludo is doing much more in Anambra State without taking any loan from anywhere, unlike others who are borrowing endlessly to build on quicksand. Ozigbo’s failure to grasp this fundamental principle exposes his lack of insight and foresight.

It is also worth noting that Ozigbo is a complete political neophyte and his glaring lack of political or governance experience renders him unfit to pass judgment on Governor Soludo’s government.

Managing a hotel business after a career in banking hardly qualifies him to assess the complexities of public administration. His audacity to position himself as a voice of authority on matters of governance speaks volumes about his delusions of grandeur.

As a wake-up call, Ndi Anambra is reminded to beware of Ozigbo’s track record of political opportunism and party-hopping that further diminishes his credibility. His desperate quest for power knows no bounds, as evidenced by his shameless willingness to switch allegiances whenever it suits his agenda.

An individual who lacks the integrity to stand by their principles cannot be taken seriously as a critic of governance or even a potential governor. Such a charlatan as Ozigbo is a disaster waiting to happen.

In all, Ozigbo’s “Wake Up Series” video is nothing more than a desperate ploy for relevance and attention. His baseless accusations and misleading rhetoric serve only to undermine the progress and achievements of Governor Soludo’s administration.

As the people of Anambra State, we must see through Ozigbo’s thinly veiled attempts to pull wool over our eyes, and instead, rally behind Governor Soludo’s vision and ongoing transformative actions for a brighter future.

By the way, Ozigbo would do well to focus on himself and put forward his own ideas for the development of Anambra State, if indeed he has any. Instead of sitting in front of a camera with magisterial hubris, engaging in vacuous propaganda and diversionary tactics, he should channel his energy towards his campaign and let Ndi Anambra be the judge of who is a true leader and a shameless pretender.