Governor Soludo appoints Osun, Abia indigenes, others as Permanent Secretaries

By Chigozie Okafor

Gov Soludo has made yet another big news by appointing a non-indigene, Mr. Adebayo Ojeyunka from Osun State as Permanent Secretary in the state.

This is a disruptive appointment coming from Governor Soludo and the civil service sector who made the appointments based on merit.

Appointing Indigenes of Abia State, Mr. Joachin Achor as a permanent secretary in Anambra is yet another testament to the receptive nature of ndị Anambra.

Even younger, very productive civil servants were appointed based on their exceptional abilities.

This groundbreaking move by Gov Soludo highlights his commitment to breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity in Anambra State.

The appointments of non-indigenes and individuals from other states demonstrate a willingness to tap into talent from all corners of the country, rather than limiting opportunities to only those who hail from Anambra.

The appointment of Mr. Ojeyinka from Osun State is particularly noteworthy as it breaks the traditional practice of reserving top civil service positions for indigenes only.

This move sends a strong message that Anambra is open to all, irrespective of their state of origin.

Furthermore, the appointment of Mr. Achor from Abia State is a clear indication that merit is the primary criterion for selection. This is a commendable departure from the dismal tradition of nepotism and favoritism that has plagued the Nigerian civil service for years.