Rhodes- Vivour’s wife apologises after social media backlash, thanks husband for settling debt

Ify Aniebo,  wife of the Lagos State governorship candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 election, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, has publicly apologised to an ex-worker who called her out recently for not paying his salaries.

Following her husband’s intervention in settling the debt, she expressed remorse on her X account on Thursday, acknowledging the need for a different approach.

She wrote, “I have taken time out to reflect and now it’s clear to me I should have handled events differently. It didn’t have to come this far and I sincerely apologise.

“This is a teachable moment for me and I strongly appreciate the constructive criticisms. I will handle things better going forward.

“That said, #GRVlagos oko mi! I know I don’t do this enough but I’m incredibly lucky to have you. Thank you for being kind, patient, and loving. My knight in shining armour.

“Forget all this ‘shalaye’ on the timeline, you’re eating well this week – and I’d also be on the menu.”

Rhodes-Vivour, had on Tuesday intervened, settling his wife’s debt after a user on X, Chike Jones, who worked as a writer and social media manager for Afroscientric.com, a project owned by Ify Rhodes-Vivour, alleged that he was owed for over eight months.