Legal Triumph: South East Governors Forum congratulates Enugu State Governor, Peter Mbah, on Supreme Court victory

In a historic moment that reverberates through the political landscape of Enugu State, the South East Governors Forum (SEGOF) felicitates Governor Peter Mbah on his resounding victory at the Supreme Court. This triumph not only affirms the electorate’s choice but also underscores the unwavering commitment to democratic principles and the rule of law.

The Supreme Court’s affirmation of Governor Peter Mbah’s victory represents a legal triumph for democratic governance in Enugu State. By upholding the outcome of the gubernatorial election, the highest court in the land reinforces the principles of fairness, transparency, and the rule of law. The South East Governors Forum, in extending its congratulations, acknowledges the significance of this legal validation in safeguarding the democratic process.

The South East Governors Forum believes that this victory holds profound implications for governance in Enugu State. Governor Peter Mbah, can now channel his energy and focus towards the effective implementation of his agenda and consolidation of dividends of democracy to the people.

Governor Mbah’s deliberate selection of people for important roles demonstrates his dedication to efficient governance from the beginning. Choosing technocrats and experienced professionals demonstrates his commitment to bringing efficiency and knowledge to the administration.

Mbah’s “Talk and Do” approach was evident in the prompt action he took to address the water scarcity in Enugu State. This showed his dedication to governance and awareness of the urgent needs of the general public. The prompt fulfillment of this commitment not only resolved a pressing matter but also established a responsive governance model.

Furthermore, the hiring of special teachers to staff special schools around the state was approved by Governor Mbah. His commitment to inclusive education and assistance for marginalized communities is demonstrated by this move. It shows a dedication to offering chances and high-quality education to all facets of society.

The empowerment of police through the deployment of vehicles for the Distress Response Squad (DRS) is a shining example of Mbah’s dedication to security. This calculated action demonstrates the state’s proactive approach to upholding law and order and improves its ability to react quickly to security threats.

A regional team player, Mbah is committed to the development and transformation of South East geopolitical zone. The provision of regional infrastructure such as roads, railway, sea port etc is upper most in the agenda of Peter Mbah. SEGOF acknowledges the achievements of this committed governor beyond partisanship and look forward to collaboration in moving the region to global stage.

This congratulatory message serves as a symbol of unity, political stability, and a commitment to upholding the will of the people. Moreover, it contributes to the larger narrative of fostering confidence in democratic institutions and encouraging collaborative efforts among regional leaders. Ultimately, the South East Governors Forum echoes the enduring spirit of democracy and the collective aspiration for a better and more prosperous future for Enugu State and the South East region as a whole.


Senator Uche Ekwunife (Iyom) PhD, CON

Director General

South East Governors Forum (SEGOF)