Edo governorship: Young people identify Ernest Afolabi as breath of fresh air

The alliance of young people in Edo state, have identified Ernest Umakhihe Afolabi as a breath of fresh Air in Edo state political space

This was stated in their inaugural meeting held at the National Secretariat in yesterday after the meeting .

The Meeting had in attendance over 28 coordinators from the various geopolitical zones and had concluded on using a few matrix to picking a candidate they will use their huge membership base to support.

EAU , was mentioned in the meeting and was identified as the next big name and a leader with the wherewithal to fixing the state of Edo as well as bridging the Gap between the people and the government

EAU, from his records has shown undiluted desire to ameliorate the people and also has proven that his watch word in the landscape of development is “more work”

Let’s come out en mass to support, queue behind him, and Nominate him to oversee Edo state and deliver on his more work plan of Edo state

Youth democratic movement of Nigeria