I have sold only 10 human heads – Woman arrested with human parts tell police in Ogun

The Ogun State police has arrested an elderly woman who sells human parts and her accomplices.

The suspects were nabbed by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad after one of the officers posed as a buyer.

A human head was going to be sold to the undercover officer for N120,000 before the police swooped in on the sellers.

The recovered parts include kidneys, heads, intestines, livers and others

The police said they began investigating due to the recent increase in the recorded incidents of people disappearing without a trace.

The police added that most of the parts recovered from the gang are fresh

The gang members arrested include: a grave digger, buyer, and a seller.

The human parts buyer said he has been in the business for the past 4 years and has bought human heads from the elderly woman for a little as N10,000 for spiritual purposes.

The grave digger explained that they get some of the heads by exhuming corpses from grave sites and cutting the head.

Another, a grave digger too, says all he does is dig grave for the gang for N3,000. He added that he is aware they sell human parts from the cemetery.

The elderly woman in the gang, who specializes in selling the parts, reportedly chopped off a piece of the human flesh and ate it in a bid to convince investigators that what they saw was regular beef, not human flesh.

She said while being paraded: “I’ve been selling for 2 years and I sold only 10 human heads. We shred the head into tiny pieces for herbalists.”

Police said investigation continues.