Edo Legacy Forum: A clarion call to order

The Edo Legacy Forum, after an emergency stakeholder meeting held on the 2nd of December 2023 have released a communiqué; stating the need for Edo leaders and political actors to maintain the sacred unwritten law of zoning, as far as politics is concerned in the state. They urged politicians not to play into parochial thinking and kparakporism in the upcoming gubernatorial elections.

The ELF stressed that there is a golden rule that has been adopted by all relevant stakeholders to foster peace, love, unity and fairness amongst all Edo sons and Daughters; and this rule is the rotational system of gubernatorial ticket in the state amongst the three senatorial districts.
The ELF also strongly stressed that Edo –State is perhaps the most blessed state in Nigeria when it comes to human capital, and as such, every local government in Edo state have the wherewithal to produce eminently qualified persons to be governor of the state. Therefore no district should be snubbed.

It was also pointed out that since the current governor is from the Edo-South and the Deputy from the North, and the last governor was also from the North whilst the last deputy was from the South, it is therefore repugnant to social justice and equity, to pick a candidate from the South or North in 2024. The group also pointed out that Edo People are fair-minded and just, as was seen 2012, when Gen. Airhiavbere lost in his own ward because the Edo man sees beyond tribe and tongue; indeed if we are all ‘One Edo’, then we must ensure that no tribe in our state are treated like lesser citizens.

The ELF pointed out, that as Edo Sons and Daughters, we know the importance of agreement and understandings whether written or unwritten; we do not need to write or codify our laws, because our words are indeed our bond, once an agreement is reached it becomes binding until all parties agree to repudiate that agreement. In this case, it seems as though some bad actors, for some selfish gains, seem to surreptitiously resile from this obvious far entrenched zoning formula that has been part and parcel of our political culture since 1999.
The ELF further decried the lies and propaganda being sponsored by some bad actors to the effect that the Edo Central do not have any competent candidate at the moment to fly the flag; they urged the naysayers, to show any contender who have a better political profile, pedigree, experience and charisma than Chief Dr. (Arc). Mike Onolomemen. They also stated that there are several other worthy Esan Sons and Daughters who have distinguished themselves in public and private sector and are totally deserving of a chance to pilot the affairs of our state.

The group urged all the respective political parties, especially the PDP, APC & LP; to field only candidates from the Central Senatorial District, stating that the spirit and letter of the phrase ‘Edo No Dey Carry Last’; behooves the good people of Edo State to show the nation the true meaning of ‘democracy and social Justice’ as contemplated by Sec 14 (1) of the 1999 Constitution (As Amended).
The ELF urged all fair-minded, traditional, religious and political leaders to ensure that the anomaly whereby the Edo-Central has not had the chance to produce a full termed Governor or Deputy since 1999 till date, is emphatically cured and corrected in 2024. The group stated that after 24 years of waiting, it would be a slight on every Esan man and woman, if they are zoned the number 2 position of the state instead of the number one seat.
The Communiqué was signed by Osigwe Ahmed Momoh the spoke person of the organization.