International Men’s Day: Three sisters beat up man over infidelity (video)

Three women believed to be sisters were filmed assaulting a man for allegedly cheating on one of them. 

Footage of the assault has been shared online, sparking outrage. 

The video shows three women hitting a man with their fists and sticks on International Men’s Day. 

As they slapped and punched him, the man begged them for mercy. 

Despite his pleas, the women were unrelenting. 

From the conversation in the video, it appears the man was unfaithful to one of the sisters he is dating. 

In the video, one of the women is heard saying in Yoruba, “You are in a relationship with my sister and still want to sleep with me.” 

The man begged, saying, “Bose, please, listen. Please wait and let me explain. 

“Even if you do not know me, have I ever cheated on you, Bose? Please stop.” 

Watch the video below: