(Video) That stubborn client will pay you – Pastor publicly prays for yahoo criminal to prosper

A Nigerian pastor has caused a commotion online as he seen in a trending video praying for a dreadlocked Yahoo criminal in broad day light for him to cash out.

The clergyman was seen praying for the internet fraudster in the streets while residents watched the scene.

The cleric who described himself as “son of oracle”, prayed against ‘stubborn clients’ refusing to pay the suspected yahoo boy and his friends, saying their account will “cry blood”.

The supposed man of God placed his hands on the alleged Yahoo boy and prayed that he gets to be successful in getting foreign clients.

He also prayed for the boy’s friends who are in the same line of work, to cashout just like him and that any client who refuses to pay would send the funds seven days after the prayer.

Watch the video below…