Angry Lawyers walkout as Portable perform at NBA concert (video)

In the wee hours of Thursday, August 31, some lawyers left an event that was being held in Abuja as part of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) annual general conference.

The programme tagged “Unbarred” was held at the Velodrome of the MKO Abiola Stadium, Federal Capital Territory.

According to the event’s poster, the host was Timi Agbaje, DJ Skillz and Veentage Band were billed to man the Music Policy and it promised a surprise act.

Time to unveil the surprise act and lawyers who had waited several hours for the programme to start were stunned to see Portable being announced as the guest performer.

The president of the Nigerian Bar Association, Yakubu Maikyau gave a brief speech, followed by a brief entertainment by the DJ before Portable’s ‘shocking’ appearance on stage.

A significant number of the attorneys chose to leave after raising concerns about the choice of the self-styled ‘wahala’ musician for the event.

The protesting solicitors were seen leaving the stadium on foot and others in their vehicles.

A lawyer said: “They spoiled my day with this Zazu. He couldn’t even wear a shirt.”

A viral video from the event showed shirtless Portable scaling portions of the stadium’s infrastructure.

Another fuming during the walkout, noted: “How dare they call Portable to come and play for lawyers at the conference? Can you imagine? Normally, Unbarred doesn’t end till 3 am or 4 am but we are leaving for our hotels. We are so upset.”

Another lawyer stated: “I also left but it was largely due to the fact that I was tired. Many of the conferees were unhappy that Portable was invited.”

However, some other attorneys stayed back to ‘enjoy’ the ‘Zazu’ crooner’s energetic performance.

As part of the yearly NBA conference, a live entertainment event called “Unbarred” is organised for attorneys.

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