Naira scarcity: Shun violence, take your anger to the ballot box – Indigenous People of Nigeria (IPN) urges Nigerians

The Nigerian people have for years been under the slavish mechanisation of the political slave masters. Time came, time went when the masses suffered various degrees of hardship without the interventions of these political slave masters. Whether it is executive, legislative or judiciary, government policies have been unfair and unjust to Nigerians who could not but bear the brunt.

When on 20th October 2020, Nigerian youths were forced to rise against sundry police brutality, the government were quick to visit the protest venues with guns and bullets. When the COVID-19 lockdown hit the world, government hoarded palliatives supplied to ameliorate public sufferings. The government nonchalant attitude was not different to the many months of ASUU strike, including scarcity of petrol.

Again, there has been high rate of thuggery, banditry, and robbery amounting to huge insecurity in the land, yet the government was not forthcoming with any assurance.

Today, as the time comes for the indigenous people of Nigeria to take back Nigeria from their political slave masters, there are indications of unsettled political hijackers. They have resorted to all sorts of lobbying to disrupt a timely monetary policy designed to curb among others, the vote buying culture that continues to mar our electoral value and enthrone misfits.

They have instigated hunger and anger to forment danger in Nigeria. Apparently, the aim is to cause violence and ultimate cancellation of the forthcoming election.

Nigerian Youths and indeed all well-meaning Nigerians are by this press conference called to shun any form of violence and embrace the present CBN policy which targets the sanitisation of politics in our polity. Regrettably, the policy is being sabotaged by the banks in collision with their corrupt transactional politicians. Needless to say that although the policy may be sudden and tasking, the merits are far more than the seeming inconveniences.

Nigerians are advised to exercise a little bit more of perseverance as the appointed moment of deliverance is right at hand.

The best before us is to let the hunger and anger trigger the much desired ballot revolution in our dear motherland, and we dare conclude by saying, let the ballot banga quench the hunger and anger.

Mazi Nnamdi Dickson Iroegbu
Convener: Indigenous People of Nigeria (IPN)