You voted for umbrella it leaked, suffering poured on you, you voted for broom, they swept you into poverty, it’s time to vote for human beings – Peter Obi (photo & video)

The presidential candidate of Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi has urged Nigerians to vote for character, competence and capacity above religious and ethnic sentiments during the 2023 general election.

Obi made this appeal during the Labour party presidential campaign rally in Abuja. The rally had a turn out of massive crowd of supporters at the Old Parade Ground Garki Abuja.

While addressing the crowd of supporters, Obi disclosed that the forthcoming presidential election will not be based on religion, ethnicity or tribe and it cannot be about ‘my turn’. He insisted that Nigerians must take back their country.


Obi told supporters that his running mate, Dr Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed and himself are the youngest candidates since independence. He pointed out that Labour Party is offering a first of its kind in Nigeria by presenting a presidential candidate, vice presidential candidate and party chairman that were born after independence. He said the average age of Labour Party candidates is 65 while that of APC is 75.


He said:

“This election on the 25th will not be about ethnicity, it will not be about tribe; every tribe is sufering. Does any tribe buy bread cheaper? It will not be about religion. Nigeria is a multi religious country. We respect everybody’s religion and it must stay like that. No religion buys bread cheaper, so it cannot be about religion. It must not be about my turn. It’s nobody’s turn. It’s the time to take back your country. This election is about character and trust. That character begins by saying who you are.


“What Datti and I are offering you is simple. We are offering you security of lives and properties. We will fight insecurity. The criminals and thieves are not formidable unless there is no leadership. You will be proud of your country because your country will move from consumption to production. Now your country is not producing anything.”


Obi also decried a situation where unemployment in Nigeria has moved from 15% to 35% while Nigerians living below poverty in 2012 was 65 million. According to him, Nigerians living in multi-dimensional poverty is 133 million which is totally unacceptable. He promised that his administration will reverse youth unemployment and make them productive especially in northen Nigeria. He said that the forth coming election will be about competence and people who have compassion who will recognize when people are suffering.


“We cannot continue like this. You voted for umbrella, it leaked. Suffering poured on you. You voted for broom, they swept you into poverty. Now is the time to vote for human beings. Papa, Mama, Pikin. It will be about papa, mama, pikin. That is the beginning of your life. Our commitment is total. Datti and I will stop all this stealing. None of us have stolen government money. Our record is clean They told you I am stingy because they have stolen all the money. They want to buy your vote. If they give you money, take am, na your money but vote for us. What I am promising you is that a new Nigeria is possible. Datti and I will build a new Nigeria. Our administration will be about youth and women empowerment.”

Early today, the Ijaw National Congress endorsed Peter Obi as the chosen presidential candidate. The mother of all rallies for Labour Party will hold in Abuja on the 18th of February.

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