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Opposition parties preventing Buhari from ending naira scarcity – Lai Mohammed

Information minister Lai Mohammed on Tuesday accused opposition parties of legally hamstringing President Muhammadu Buhari from providing relief for Nigerians battling hardship of cash crunch following CBN’s and banks’ failure to allow enough cash circulation in the country.

Mr Mohammed blamed the unnamed parties at the 23rd edition of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration scorecard series (2015-2023).

The minister claimed the Buhari regime was mindful of the inconveniences endured by citizens because of its new naira banknotes and fuel scarcity.

Mr Mohammed said it was surprising that some opposition political parties ran to court to obtain an injunction restraining Mr Buhari and the CBN from extending the February 10 deadline for Nigerians to exchange their old notes for new ones.

“The court action came after a number of opposition parties threatened to boycott the 2023 general elections if the deadline was extended. These curious actions by the parties concerned is clear evidence that the opposition has turned this whole issue into a political game, preferring to make Nigerians suffer more on the altar of unconscionable political gamesmanship,” Mr Mohammed alleged.

The minister added, “Or how else can one explain the fact that these unscrupulous opposition parties do not want any action that could reduce the pains being experienced by Nigerians?”

According to the minister, the opposition parties are playing dirty politics by putting their interests above that of Nigerians’.

He said the desperate actions would not make the political parties win at the polls because voters see them public enemies.

The minister recalled that after a meeting with governors of his All Progressives Congress, the president urged Nigerians to give him a seven-day window to resolve hiccups in implementing the new naira scheme.


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