I have not endorsed any candidate, stop using my name to solicit for votes – Kanu Nwankwo (video)

Nigerian football legend, Nwankwo Kanu, has stated that he has not endorsed any presidential candidate, in the forthcoming February general elections.

Refuting some speculations making the rounds about him, the football star stated that it was not in his nature to endorse a candidate and that Nigerians should shun such fake news about him.

In a video which was released on his verified Instagram account, the Olympic gold medallist urged Nigerians to go out en masse to vote for the candidate of their choice.

He said, “My country people, I say it and will say it again, I am not a politician, I am a footballer. Whoever is there, is just talking, spreading fake news about me saying that I asked you to go and vote for who and who and who. No. I don’t do such. My name is Kanu ‘Papilo’ Nwankwo and you know, all my life is about football.

“That is what I do, which I am proud of; please this the last time. Stop spreading fake, wicked news against Papilo. I am here to help people, don’t destroy it. Go and get your PVC and vote for the best. Make your choice. You know who is the best. Vote so that Nigeria would be better. Stop! I did not say anything, but all the same, go and vote.”

Kanu further said, “Hello my country people. Do what is right and vote. Kindly stop spreading fake news in my name that I ask you to vote for anyone am not the one to choose who you will vote for so stop this rubbish with my name and go and get your PVC and vote Any media outlet or persons or group of persons that continue to use my name to spread fake news will be dealt with in the court of law. Let’s all be guided.”

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