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Peter Obi’s movement is self driven – Victor Umeh

The Labour Party candidate for Anambra Central Senatorial District, Chief Victor Umeh, has said that Peter Obi’s presidential movement is everywhere in Nigeria and it is driving itself.

Umeh stated this while speaking to journalists after the unveiling of the Labour Party’s team for the 2023 elections on Saturday.

He pointed out that the voters are the driving force of the movement, adding that “every day, people come up with innovations to mobilise support for this movement”.

According to him, Obi has become the hottest commodity in demand for Nigerians because the people see him as the only person that can redeem the country.

He stated that the issues facing Nigeria will be the bedrock of the decisions people will make.

He said, “Peter Obi’s movement is everywhere in Nigeria. We from Anambra State where he comes from owe him the heaviest support in this presidential election.

“Peter Obi’s movement is driving itself. He is not even the one doing it anymore. Nigerians have taken it over. Peter Obi is in hot demand by Nigerians.

“People who have never met him before are donating offices to him across the country. I receive all manner of calls across Nigerians from people serving even the present government wanting to join the movement.

“Peter Obi is the only hope of Nigeria. He is the only person that can redeem this country from collapsing. People have identified it and everyone wants to lend a helping hand to ensure that Nigeria is salvaged in the next year’s election.

“Obi is the one already identified who can do the job because he knows what the issues are and knows what the solutions would be.

“Others are playing politics but Peter Obi is offering himself to serve Nigeria. In these coming elections, there’s nothing like structure. The electorates are the structure.

“The country is down, the voters are the most important people in any electoral process. Peter Obi and the Labour party has the voters in Nigeria.

“The Nigeria Labour Congress has constituted a community across the 36 states in Nigeria, to mobilise workers and electorates for Labour Party in the forthcoming election. No political party has that kind of structure.

“The voters are the ones driving this movement. Every day, people come up with new innovations to mobilize support for this movement.

“Labour Party is the most popular political movement in Nigeria as of today. As for vote buying, people will eat your money and vote you out. You cannot take the money and buy hardship.

“The issues facing Nigeria will be the bedrock of the decisions people will make. Poverty is ravaging the whole country. The country is collapsing.

“It’s a rescue mission. Those who wanted to create ethnic and religious bias have been kept aside. Nobody is talking about Peter Obi being an Igbo man anymore.

“Nigerians see Peter Obi is the hope they have been yearning for. He is an instrument God will use to turn things around.”

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