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DSS clear Ebonyi PDP spokesperson queried over Biafra-themed cake

The Department of State Services (DSS) has cleared Chika Nwoba, the publicity secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ebonyi State, who was invited over the contentious design of his wedding cake.

Nwoba had on Saturday during his wedding ceremony unveiled a cake prepared with the colours and logo of the Biafran Republic.

The Republic of Biafra was a partially recognised secessionist state when it declared independence from Nigeria in 1967. The declaration led to a civil war that lasted from 1976 to 1970. 

The PDP secretary took to his Facebook account on Tuesday morning, saying that he had been invited by the DSS.

He posted a photo of him and his wife with the caption, “It’s time”. He further wrote in the comment section, ‘It’s time to go answer DSS.”

Nwoba’s in subsequent comments said the invitation by the DSS was in relation to his wedding cake.

According to him, his sympathy for the agitation for Biafra caused him to use the logo on his wedding cake adding that it was to show solidarity with the Biafra course. He, however, said he was against the violence being used by some of the agitators. 

“I actually did it to pass a message, that no matter our political inclinations, we still have the interest of the Igbo nation at heart. It is to show my love and my commitment to ensuring that the gospel for the creation of a country of Igbo extraction, comes to fruition. 

“So, I’m a fan of Biafra agitation. That’s why I said, okay, in order to contribute to the Biafra struggle, I have to make my cake, giving it a Biafra colour. I’m not against Biafra agitation, but I’m against going about it violently. I did it just to show my concern,” he said.

But in a post on his Facebook page on Wednesday, Nwoba said the security agency had cleared him of any wrongdoing, after asking him some questions.

He said: “I have sorted myself out with the DSS. Relevant investigations have been conducted and the result is that we are good to go. DSS is not what people take them to be. They are friendly and they act professionally. I was able to convince them that it was just an ephemeral outing. I am not IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra) member and they don’t know me as one of them.”

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