The church must scrutinize public office holders, Nigeria has the highest unemployment rate – Peter Obi tells Catholic Men’s Guild (video)

Nigeria has the highest level of unemployment in the world and 70% of unemployed people in Nigeria are young people. Crises is inevitable when Nigeria has more poor people than China and Indian combined.

Mr Peter Obi

These are the submission of the presidential candidate of Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi. He was speaking today at the Annual Conference of Catholic Men’s Guild of the Church of Assumption Falomo Ikoyi.

Mr Obi bemoan the rising insecurity, poverty, debt etc in Nigeria and charged the men to scrutinize public office seekers in next years general election.

He said,

“Everyday it is getting worse. Businesses are collapsing. We are in a crises situation. Nigeria is borrowing more money every year. In the next one year, we will need to borrow more trillions of naira for consumption. Nigeria is just like Titanic, a sinking ship. You cannot travel from Abuja to Kaduna by road because of insecurity, We live in a country that is totally unproductive. Nigeria is not working and that is the biggest challenge. Every nation of the world that is making progress is productive. We are only sharing and celebrating and for consumption Nobody cares. Our total export last year was under 30 billion dollars. For a country of 200 million people, that is totally unacceptable. Morocco did 60 billion dollars. Kenya exported over 100 billion dollars. Vietnam did total export last year of 313 billion dollars with a population of 100 million people and so many other countries did more export. They are manufacturing. Nigeria is not doing anything. We have all it takes to move Nigeria from consumption to production.”

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