Christians in Zamfara benefited from Sharia law when I was Governor – Ahmed Yerima

Former Governor of Zamfara state, Ahmed Yerima has claimed that Christians benefited from the Sharia law he instituted while in power. 

Yerima who introduced Sharia law in the state in 1999, after which several other states in the north followed suit, made the claim in an interview on Channels Television on Tuesday May 10. 

Responding to being asked if he thinks the north is better with Sharia law, the former Governor said; 

“Yes, during my time. 

“During my time, if you check records, president Obasanjo declared in his government, that Zamfara state is a crime-free state. They said the crime rate in Zamfara at that time was 0.2 percent.

“Sharia means justice, equity and fairness. Ask the Christians in Zamfara, they’ll tell you that at that time, they were better off.

“Recently when I declared in Abuja, the chairperson, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Zamfara, was there. And he told Nigerians what kind of benefits the Christians had. There was social justice, and there was development.”