Man falsely accused of rape confronts his accuser years later and shares their chat where she confessed

A man has revealed that he doesn’t trust women and he shared the origin of his fears and distrust.

He took to Twitter to share his chat with a young woman he loved who accused him of rape years ago and caused everyone to hate him, only for her to later apologise privately to him, while he continued to live with the stigma.

In the chat, the man confronted his accuser, reminding her of the mini-getaway they went on years ago and how she told everyone he raped her.

The woman then admitted to the man that she knows what she did was wrong. She said she was young and felt like an outsider so she was ashamed that she was already sleeping with a guy she just met. She then lied that the men raped her.

The man told her that while she has moved on, married, and has a child, he has been damaged by her actions and has not been able to have a relationship with women because he doesn’t trust them.

Read the man’s chat with the woman below: