There’s nothing to share again, everything is finished – Peter Obi

By Tai Emeka Obasi.

In continuation of his nationwide consultations with regards to his Presidential aspiration, HE Peter Obi never ceases to amaze in statistical expose on everything about Nigeria and the myriad of problems suffocating our dear nation.

While reeling out data after data of Nigeria being at the terrible end of all.departments of human development indices, that of debt servicing seems more.indicative of the deep.plunge starring this generation in the face.

In what drew laughter at every audience he faced, same audiences unanimously conceded that the vice presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the last election raised deep concerns.

“This is not about electing anybody as president for continued sharing of revenue and everything we have. There’s nothing to share again. Everything is finished.

“We now need a president, who has the capacity to create wealth to.steer this big but sinking ship. A situation where we will spend more that our total earnings to service debts alone is a catastrophic situation. It’s a huge crisis. In the first five months of 2021, our dear country earned N1.847 trillion and used N1.802 trillion, which was 98% of our earnings, to service debts. I can assure you that by end of this year it will be more that 100% of our revenue that will be used to service debts. So we must borrow whatever we budgeted for to keep our dear country afloat. Which country elsewhere in the world lives by borrowing everything they spend? We’re headed to extinction!

“It’s not whether he comes from North or South, it should be more about looking at antecedents to give Nigeria a president whose past assures of the ability to fullfil all promises made while campaigning,” he continued.

The former governor of Anambra State might have generated some humour momentarily but people in all four of the different audiences in the leadership cadre of our country wore deep faces of concern as the revelation sunk in. From the group of Senators to members of HoR through PDP NWC and ending with the members of PDP Board of Trustees, the expressions said it all.

The man we also call Okwute is leading issue-based campaign. Nigerians must listen attentively. There’s a choice to be made. We can’t fail this nation this time around in making that choice. Peter Gregory Obi is here with us.