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Police sergeant killed at Gbenga Daniels residence

A police sergeant, Adeleke Ogunsola, last weekend died in the compound of a former governor of Ogun State, Gbenga Daniel, in the Sagamu area of the state.

Mr Ogunsola was one of the police officers posted to Mr Daniel’s house.

It was learnt that the deceased police officer was killed by one of the drivers of Mr Daniel, who knocked him down with a vehicle.

Ogunsola was knocked down while he was trying to open the gate to the private residence of the former governor, popularly known as Asoludero Court.

After he was knocked down, the police officer was rushed to a hospital, where he was confirmed dead.

A police source who spoke with PREMIUM TIMES said, “Every VIP is expected to have a gatekeeper, even before policemen are sent to their houses strictly for protection sake.”

“Why will an armed policeman be the one opening a gate? Why will politicians turn the police into their slaves?” the source continued.

“When an officer refused to be used as a gateman in the house, they called the DPO that he should change him and he was redeployed.

“A policeman bearing arm will be asked to open gate; drivers, civilians and Daniel himself will be telling officers to open gate. If there is a gatekeeper in that house, this will not happen.

“This was a man who left his home for work on Saturday morning, but he died in a mysterious circumstance.

“It is so unfortunate that our bosses in this job are not speaking the truth because of what they want to eat. Imagine, officers posted to that Gbenga Daniel’s residence are paid N2,500 weekly.

“Now that guy has died. What will he give to his family that will replicate the life of that officer? We are tired of this job.”

Steve Oliyide, a media aide to Mr Daniel, when contacted, promised to call back but never did hours later.

Abimbola Oyeyemi, the police spokesperson in Ogun State, confirmed the incident, adding that it was an accident and “can happen to anybody.”

“We don’t know the circumstances that led to him opening the gate. We were not with him on duty,” Mr Oyeyemi continued.

“It might be that the gate, maybe the gate is of two arms, somebody will be opening the first arm, another person opens the other. It’s possible.

“If he was not armed as of the time, he could help in opening the gate. But we were not there with him. We don’t know the circumstances that led to him opening the gate.”

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