Buhari’s old age: Atiku,Tinubu should take the back seat and allow the younger generation to clean their mess – Dickson Iroegbu

Convener of Indigenous People of Nigeria, Mazi Dickson Iroegbu has stated that reality has dawned on Muhammadu Buhari that the job of president and Commander in Chief is not for weak and aged men.

Iroegbu was reacting to the recent statement by Buhari during an interview with NTA that age was telling on him and he desires to take a rest. The IPN convener regretted that Buhari has wasted eight years of Nigeria’s time and that he ought not to have contested for presidency in the first place.

Iroegbu said;

“It’s unfortunate that eight years in the live of Nigeria has been wasted by Buhari. I blamed those who ganged up together to bring this failure upon Nigeria. Buhari knew he was too weak and old to be president of Nigeria but he contested for it. He had nothing to offer Nigeria. The likes of Tinubu, Atiku and others came together and brought this total disaster upon us. Just listen to his lame excuse while Nigerians are being slaughtered everyday. Buhari is giving us excuses why he has failed. History will not forget that Nigeria has trained and taken care of Buhari since 1959 that he joined the army yet he was not able to do anything tangible for this country. Buhari has been minister, governor, Head of State, PTF chairman but he cannot point at any achievement. He has done nothing for Nigerians to appreciate. Buhari should start packing because Nigerians cannot wait to say good riddance to bad rubbish. He had opportunity to turn around the electoral process of Nigeria but he still blew it. He could not usher in a credible electoral process. Indeed he has taken Nigeria backwards to 40 years. He is the worst thing that has happened to Nigeria since the amalgamation in 1914. It is sad that we are experiencing this type of horrible disaster and set back and this is the last of its kind. This is a warning to those old men, Atiku and Tinubu who think they can come into Aso Rock and amass more wealth while they are at the departure lounge of life. Old age is telling on all of these men. Buhari has given insight to the fact there is no way you can cheat nature. These old men and women should take the back seat and allow the younger generation of Nigeria to fix the mess they created. They have enjoyed the best of this country and there is nothing to show for it. They could not give back to their grandchildren what Nigeria gave to them. It is very sad that an old man like Buhari has finally admitted that he has failed woefully.”