COZA churches in Igboland should be closed down by IPOB, Pastors are hustlers – Chuka Dennis reacts to Biodun Fatoyinbo’s bigoted sermon

Reactions continue to pour in as aggrieved Igbos frown at Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’s preaching against Igbos.

The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) lead pastor had referred to Igbos penutlimate Sunday as cursed hustlers who find it difficult to give out their resources for the work of God.

A Portharcourt based social commentator, Mr Chuka Dennis has called out Pastor Biodun insulting Igbos in his sermon and called for COZA churches in Igboland to be shot down. He aslo called on Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) to do something about the matter.

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“The WHO-DASH-MONKEY-BANANA man said that Hustling is a “CURSE”. A curse? Then he said Igbos are hustlers.
Oh!! Igbos are cursed, right? They don’t give to church because they are cursed (Hustlers). The idiot actually insulted Igbos. Wetin come bring this one? Who come give am such audacity? Abi Igbo dey inside bible? What’s bad in hustling? Everyone in the world is hustling.
Pastorhood is hustle. He is looking for money from peoples pockets which is biblically wrong to start with. Yet, he is NOT cursed. Igbos are the ones that are cursed for how they choose to spend their HARD EARNED MONEY? If there are any tribe deceived the highest with prosperity preaching, its the IGBOS. We load our funds inside church (YORUBA CHURCHES ESPECIALLY) hoping to make it big as their MARQUEE LIES said. So great to mention that it’s still a YORUBA MAN that exposed them, some Igbos that are teachable has now learnt. All COZA churches should be closed in Igboland. Where are IPOB people? This is the type of stuffs that they should react to, but they won’t.”