Army General orders torture of four Abuja electricity workers for bringing bills

Major General HD Tafida

Major General HD Tafida, the Director General of the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria has allegedly ordered an assault on some workers of the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC).

According to SaharaReporters the workers, numbering four had on December 15 gone to Tafida’s residence to deliver a demand letter Ref: AEDC/DMU/12-21/118 to him. A demand letter is a letter of indebtedness demanding for immediate payment of electricity bills.

One of the workers told SaharaReporters that their colleagues at Gwarinpa called them few hours after that soldiers were looking for them.

On getting to the office, he said they were taken to the Major General’s house and were beaten mercilessly by the military men.

The victim, whose back bore effects of the flogging, said he ended up in a hospital because of the beating.

He said, “At about 2:30pm, last Wednesday, we went to Mr. Ogbonna Okori residence as it is written on the demand letter to deliver a demand letter Ref AEDC/DMU/12-21/118 on getting there, we met with the security man who asked us to wait that he would inform the madam of the house.

“She came and we handed over the demand letter to her but she rejected and told us to wait for her husband for five minutes which we did. After waiting for over ten minutes we told her we could not wait any longer because we had so many customers to attend to so we tag the letter rejected and left the house to continue with our work.

“We were later informed that soldiers were looking for us everywhere in Gwarinpa; so we had to rush back to Gwarinpa Area office and we were bundled to the Major General’s house. We were beaten mercilessly by this military men on the order of Major General HD Tafida, the Director General of the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria.

“From there, we were taken to Mambilla barracks. Military police asked us to sit on the floor for over two hours. And we were later moved to Gwarinpa police station but the police asked us to go home and rest that we committed no crime. We wish to bring to your notice also that our staff identity cards were captured by the military men for reason we do not know.

“We were humiliated and treated as criminals while we were carrying out our official duty. We are in serious pains.”