Developmental strides: Birwa community gives Eze Ndigbo Ghana HRM Ihenetu accolades, as he visits for annual festival

Recently, the Birwa community, Ghana which is home town of Her Majesty, Ugoeze Liberty Ihenetu came alive with happiness as the Husband, Eze Ndigbo Ghana, HRH Eze Dr Chukwudi Ihenetu, his cabinet and entourage made 3 days visit to Birwa to join his In-laws in celebrating their annual festival.

They were well received with pomp and paegentry.

As HRH Ihenetu and his entourage entered the area, the place was thrown into frenzy as His Majesty embraced his in-laws.

The In-laws commended HRM Ihenetu  for his philanthropic  and humanitarian  contributions  to the development  of people in Biriwa community  and other parts of Ghana. “We are happy that our In-law, HRM Ihenetu  helped uplift our people through his humanitarian gesture which has  seen him built  public toilets, and sank bore holes in various  part of the community  in a bid to uplift them. He has also opened computer centers and libraries  in public schools.  It is also a thing of joy for us that our Son In-law also pay school  fees of indigent  students as well as give stipends to the needy. He also built skill acquisition centres from where fresh school graduates can learn trades.”

Speaking on the relationship between Nigeria  and Ghana, HRH Nana Sah the 6th who spoke on behalf of other family members commended the Royal father  for his role in promoting peace between the two brotherly  West African countries.

Responding, HRM Ihenetu thanked his In-laws for the warm reception  accorded him and his entourage. He assured; “As long their daughter is my wife Ugoeze and mother to Igbo in this country, Ghana, I assure that we are going to work with them.

HRM Ihenetu thanked    his in-laws for their hospitality and wish them well.