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The Youth of Anambra State: A Time for Action

The Anambra State Government is pleased with the enthusiastic messages of solidarity it has been receiving from the public, especially the youth, to the measures taken in the last few days towards the full resumption of socioeconomic activity in the state every workday of the week, including Monday. The youth appreciate that it is in their interest that normal socioeconomic life return to not just Anambra State but also the Southeast geopolitical zone which has, according to experts, lost over fifty billion naira (N50 bn) since a group of non-state actors decreed five weeks ago a stay-at home order every Monday in the Southeast in protest against the detention of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), in Abuja.

The decree was announced without consultations with such groups as Ohaneze Ndigbo, the apex socio-cultural Igbo organization. The non-state actors have gone ahead to molest in the most unconscionable manner innocent members of the public, usually the weakest members of society, who went out of their homes to earn legitimate income to feed their families and other dependents. There are reports of arson and murder in different states of the Southeast perpetrated by the non-state actors. The majority of the heinous crimes were committed well after well-known IPOB leaders had rescinded the stay-at home order because of its grave consequences for the Igbo people who, like the rest of Nigerians, are going through severe economic times.

In light of the above, the Anambra State Government hereby approves the requests from youth groups across the state and beyond to work closely with traditional rulers and presidents-general of all 179 communities in the state, market associations, transport unions, the police and sister security and intelligence agencies in the state, including the Anambra Vigilante Group (AVG), to ensure that the Anambra people perform their legitimate duties without hindrance from any quarters every day of the week, starting from Monday, September 13, 2021. The youth can report any likely threat to the public peace to any of the persons and groups mentioned above.

The Anambra State Government is delighted to observe that in communities like Ogidi in Idemili North Local Government Area where the youth have worked in the last few weeks in collaboration with community leaders and security agencies against the non-state actors, full socioeconomic activity has since returned. The Government commends such communities, and ask other communities to emulate them.

Young men and women in our state should channel their energy towards productive endeavours, and not to destroy and kill. It is a supreme irony that the handful of adults at home and abroad who encourage malleable youth to kill and destroy go the extra mile to ensure that their own children and wards are not in the harm’s way, but rather attend the best schools around the world and work in the choicest of places. The behavior of these so-called leaders is very hypocritical and unconscionable.

The Government is committed to working in partnership with the young men and women of Anambra State for a better tomorrow by ensuring the full restoration of socioeconomic activity in the state, with effect from Monday, September 13. The public is assured that all markets in the state will open for normal business tomorrow, transporters will go about their normal business and banks will work as usual in all branches. Members of the public will not be molested, as sufficient, well-motivated and well-equipped security officers in uniform and in plain clothes will be deployed in all parts of the state. All dark spots in the state have been identified and proactive steps taken to forestall possible acts of lawlessness in such places.

The Anambra State Government appreciates the enthusiasm of the youth of Anambra State to work for the rapid progress of their state. The Anambra State Government will always be proud of our young men and women.

God bless Anambra State, the Light of the Nation.

C. Don Adinuba

Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment.

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