Nigerian woman arrested for terror attack in the U.S

A Nigerian woman who was arrested in the United States in connection with a terror threat on a Maryland hospital gave an eerie look while taking her mugshot.

Tolulope Oluwakorede Adetayo was arrested on August 12, on a warrant for Threat of Mass Violence.

Prince George’s County police had been investigating a bomb threat that had been called into a local hospital on August 8.

An unknown person, who police believe to have been Adetayo, called the hospital to make the threat. The call taker then asked the caller to repeat herself, at which point she reiterated that she intended to blow up the hospital.

Inquiries led police to Adetayo’s address in Landover, Maryland.

While deputies were initially told she was not at home, a search revealed that she was hiding in a cupboard.

Police say Adetayo was removed from the cupboard, served with the warrant, placed into custody, and safely transported to the Prince George’s County Department of Corrections in Upper Marlboro, MD, where she posed for a creepy mugshot.

She is now currently being held without bond, according to online court records