Burial of Olajide Sowore fixed for 9th September, Omoyele Sowore restricted from attending burial by Abuja court

The burial of Olajide Sowore who was brutally murdered on Benin-Ore Expressway has been fixed for 9th Spetmeber, 2021. His Older brother Omoyele Sowore in a message to Daily Blast correspondent disclosed the burial date but regretted he will be absent from the burial owing to the 2019 court order that restricted him to Abuja.

Felix Olajide Sowore

He wrote:

“Thank you all for reaching out with great love and kind words of consolation, support and solidarity over the tragic but still unexplained death of my dearest brother, Felix Olajide Sowore.

I send you loads of gratitude from the bottom of my heart and that of my entire family.

We should report to the public that despite the noise from Nigerian govt officials promising to “apprehend” my brother’s killers, we are not aware any security agency/ies carrying out rescue operations to free those purportedly abducted or investigating the identity of Jide’s murderers.

It is not as though we expect anything from the failed Nigerian system that took our brother’s life, I feel that I owe you all an update on these matters.

My dearest brother and childhood friend, Olajide Sowore will be buried on Thursday 9th of September 2021 at our hometown, Kiribo in Ese-Odo local government area of ondo state start from 10 AM.

I won’t be able to attend because the despicable Muhammadu Buhari regime has since December 2019 restricted by a court order issued by Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu to Abuja.

#RevolutionNow #BuhariMustGo “