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Anambra has no N41 billion waiting for collection for basic education

Governor Willie Obiano
  1. About a week ago, we saw a story on the social media claiming that there is a whole forty one billion naira (N41BN) waiting for collection by the Anambra State Government for the development of basic education, that is, primary education and the first three years of post-primary education. The reports claimed that the State Government has not been able to claim this colossal amount because it has yet to pay its counterpart funding for the construction and renovation of basic schools owned by the State Government and voluntary agencies as well as for the furnishing of these schools and the training of the school teachers.
  2. We have all along ignored this story because the claim that a whole N41BN is due to any state in the Federation for basic education development is too wild for any critically thinking Nigerian to believe. However, the sensational story has now become a subject of commentary by politicians contesting the November 6 gubernatorial election in Anambra State. What is more, one or two well-meaning persons have called to find out the true situation.
  3. We are, therefore, issuing this statement to state the facts. As already stated above, there is no N41B accruing to Anambra State in the office of the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) in Abuja. Anambra State has long accessed all its monies from UBEC up to 2018. The monies are always paid in arrears. What is outstanding now is our monies for only 2019 and 2021 which total four billion four hundred million naira (N4.4BN). Efforts are being made to access the N4.4BN.
  4. Education is a most critical industry in Anambra State, and the State Administration treats everything concerning education as sacred. No state throughout Nigeria has the record of global competitiveness and excellence in basic education which Anambra State has achieved in the last seven years. We will not only uphold this record but also improve on it.


Patrick Ugboaja

Chairman of Anambra State Universal Basic Education Board (ASUBEB)

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