Tribute to former First Lady Mrs Adanma Okpara by Christian Igodo

“Fading away like the stars of the morning, losing their light in the glorious sun,thus would we pass from the earth and it’s toiling, only remembered by what we have done”
May I not bother you with a disquisition anchored on an incomprehensible abstractions, rather I shall dwell on a dependable and profoundly varifaible history,rich in inspiration, uplifting morally reviving examples for the urgent and lasting renniassance as well as sustained social rebirth of our society and humanity at large

The remarkably attained status of excusivity of Mma Adamma Okpara is so visible as a dependable moral compass for societal advancement through her charity kindness, hard-working, commitment, courage, honesty, peaceful coexistence with all, empathy, philanthropy, discipline and most all abiding faith in almighty God.
Dr Michael Okpara first saw his beautiful wife and soul mate, the elegant Miss Adamma Kanu from Ntalakwu Oboro ,in y present Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State in 1943 and formally sealed the six long years of courtship through a Methodist Church officiated marriage ceremony at the Methodist Church, Mission Hill, Umuahia on 29thOct 1949.
Mrs Adamma Okpara,former Miss Adamma Kanu first went to school at the Methodist Central School Ndoro near her home.The school then was run by a headmaster know as Mr Ekwun from Itigidi in present day Cross River State.After her primary school at Ndoro, Adamma Kanu proceeded to the then popular Mary Hanney Memorial school,Iron, which was run as an English public school for girls after which she did her Teachers Training at the Women’s Training College, Umuahia, which was jointly run by the Methodist, Anglican and Presbyterian Missions.She was deeply influenced by the discipline and charismatic qualities of the Principal,Miss Joyce Read.
Subsequently, she taught at the Ovim Girls School,folloo which she was posted to her Alma mater, where she taught for four years,1944 to 1948.Her last teaching appointment was at the Elementary Training Center, Ovim, where she taught one year before her marriage.
In enhancing her education and profession,she had the benefit of training in the Uni kingdom, where she underwent the Froebel course for Teachers Specialization in education of children.
The striking gift to humanity by God as established through the earthly existence of Mma Adamma Okpara manifested in her commitment to the visionary leadership of Dr Michael Okpara as a party man,legislator , minister and Premier of Eastern Region of Nigeria.
She virtuously superintend the home to great success with peace and fear of God when the great hero was busy promoting the collective well being of all through remarkable Leadership.
Mma Adamma Okpara through the turbulence period of the Nigerian civil war and the period of political exile of the husband remained committed to outstanding virtue, godliness and peaceful co existence that promotes the already established Okpara historic legacy.
….”Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater.Give her a sperm, she gives you a baby.If you give her a house she will give you a home.If you give her groceries she will give you a meal… William Golding,British novelist.
We are so proud of Mama Adamma Okpara glorious existence and inspiring life that will continue to be a guiding light to this generation in earnest quest for a dependable role model.