16-year-old twin sisters impregnated by same boy, give birth to sons

The 16-year-old twin sisters who were impregnated by same boy in Cameroon, have given birth to two healthy boys. 

Ayisha Togina, who shared their story earlier, confirmed the latest development on Friday, July 23. 

Togina also said that they secured and furnished one room for the new mothers and their babies.

“You have not lived until you do something for someone who cannot repay you. Thank you people of goodwill, your support and efforts have been blessed by God. The twin girls are now mothers of 2 healthy baby boys. (Darrel and Nathan) As every good deed, no one in this world is useless. The twin mothers, still thanks to your assistance, will be moving into their newly furnished room. All forms of help have been acknowledged.” she wrote.