Thieving politicians like Reuben Abati ruined Nigeria not Obi Cubana – Emeka Orjih

I appreciate where you are headed, but it smacks of ultra-hypocrisy coming from your lips, Mr Reuben Abati.

You, Mr Reuben Abati, served as Chief Spokesperson and Chief Defender of an administration that ruled the entire Nigeria and maximally controlled our entire commonwealth for 6 whole years.

Yet it is a young Nigerian, who has never smelt public office or handled our commonwealth; who is struggling to “make it” in the difficult ruins you and your ruling ilk left Nigeria in; it is this young Nigerian and his ilk who dared to carve out their own little heaven in the hell you and your ilk created; it is he that you point to as an example of Nigeria being in trouble.

I laugh in Spanish.

Mr Reuben Abati, do you actually think that Nigeria is better off populated with commonwealth robbers than with money sprayers?

If they put you and Obi Cubana side by side and ask objective Nigerians who between both of you is the perpetrator and who the victim is, who do you think people will choose as perpetrator? Who really is Nigerias problem between the politician/public officers on one hand and entertainers/money sprayers on other hand?

You really want us to continue this conversation Mr Abati?

It is you and your ilk that have created this Nigeria that has turned all Nigerians into victims. Obi Cubana is just one of those victims, swimming against the current to make the best of your mess.

Finally Mr Abati, the collapse of values in Nigeria was and is led by our commonwealth robbers, thieving politicians and public officers (who you represent). Not by entertainers and entrepreneuers like Obi Cubana.

Cubana has 9 hotels and employs over 2,000 (two thousand) people who have families that they send to school, feed, clothe, etc.

Nigeria needs more people who can build more Cubanas and employ more people.

Not more people who will steal our commonwealth.

We refuse to let you use your considerable writing skills to obsfucate the real issues here, Mr Abati