20 facts you don’t know about Dr Godwin Maduka, guber aspirant in Anambra State


  1. That Dr Godwin Maduka shared food and other relief items to the 183 communities in Anambra State to cushion the effects of the rampaging COVID-19 between 2020-2021?
  2. That Dr. Maduka topped the list of items distribution in the subsaharan Africa during the period of COVID? Sharing items and cash worth over combined $10,000,000. (ten million dollars)?
  3. That Dr. Godwin Maduka ranks #1 in the world of pain management in medicine?
  4. That Dr. Maduka holds three Professorships in three different medical disciplines? Making him the most read African Doctor in America?
  5. That Dr. Maduka built the tallest medical research hub in the entire West Africa? Amazingly located in his home state Anambra?
  6. That Dr. Godwin Maduka was the 2010 award winner of the “Heart beat of America”?
  7. That Dr. Godwin Maduka built about a hundred and fifty houses for the indigents in his home town, Umuchukwu?
  8. That Dr. Godwin Maduka built a hospital, a secondary school, a parish house(a pro-cathedral church, a one storey vicarage, a two storey parish Hall, a nine storey tower and a grotto) and handed over to the Catholic diocese of then Awka but Ekwulobia now?
  9. That Dr. Godwin Maduka built another church and a two storey vicarage for the Anglican parish in Umuchukwu?
  10. That Dr. Maduka built a high court worth a staggering ₦3 billion, and a magistrate Court, which he handed over to the Anambra state judiciary?
  11. That Dr. Godwin Maduka built a police station, a Civil defence base, and a SARS barracks which was also handed over to the security department of Anambra state?
  12. That Dr. Godwin Maduka executed the construction of the roads to his home town, Umuchukwu, linking to Owere Ezukala, Ogbunka and Nneatọ? A project estimated at around ₦1.23 billion.
  13. That Dr. Maduka is the mainstream of the income source of 45-60% of his community and her people?
  14. That Dr Godwin Maduka comes home at least four times a year since 1999 to check out the situation of things and life in his home town?
  15. That Dr. Maduka has about 70% of the undergraduates of his home town on scholarship?
  16. That Dr. Maduka was approached by Anambra citizens of goodwill to replicate his Umuchukwu magic in the state at large? The reason he runs for the Governorship mantle.
  17. That Dr Godwin Maduka has begun treaties with international communities to pull down some of their major branches to Anambra, to boost employment and empowerment?
  18. That Dr. Godwin Maduka was recognised by the US national assembly as the top African developer in the US since 2000 till date?
  19. That Dr. Godwin Maduka has six giant hospitals in the USA?
  20. That Dr. Maduka is our best option for the Governorship race in Anambra?