Man beaten up and dragged naked for sleeping with a married woman

A cheating husband has been seen in a viral video staggering around in his socks after being caught sleeping with a married woman. 

In the video seemingly taken at night, the man was seen being dragged around by the husband of the woman he was caught with as neighbors continued taking videos. 

Daily Sun reported that the man said he found the man with his wife and wants to teach him a lesson. It is alleged the incident happened in Limpopo, South Africa.

He said; 

“This person, I spoke to him nicely and he refused. I wanted to talk to him and he tried to run away.”

Holding the hand of the alleged cheater and refusing to let him go, the man told the crowd;

“Please take pictures, This is what I’m dealing with.

“I want to go with this man to his wife and I want the police to go with me with this guy looking like this.”

A woman in the crowd then said; 

 “What happened to this guy’s head? He’s in pain because he’s badly injured.”

The alleged cheater then pleaded: “I didn’t know. Let go, my bro, I didn’t know.”