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Don’t distabilize Imo State, Dickson Iroegbu warns politicians

The recent development in Imo state calls for concern. For a state that has always been relatively peaceful to now be at the centre of escalating insecurity calls for worry because Imo state is the heartland of eastern Nigeria. It is dangerous to continue to observe the escalating insecurity in Imo state without pinpointing the real issues as they are.

Sincerely, I think Imolites (indigenes of Imo state) should realise that the state belongs to them and the government of the state is neither a government for APC or PDP but for the entire people and residents of the state.

I understand that the political gladiators are positioning themselves to outweigh each other by employing every trick in the books, but moments like this call for caution.

I advice that a dialogue approach to whatever issues or conflict that politicians may have amongst themselves rather than violence.

To secure Imo state requires that all hands should be on deck as it is not the duty of the government in power alone, it is also the responsibility of the security organisations, indigenes and residents of the state, and key state and non state actors.

I think we should draw a line here. The disagreements that emanated from the emergence of the current administration of Governor Hope Uzodinma in Imo state should be put to a rest.

Having concluded at the Supreme court that distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma is the Executive Governor of Imo state, who are we to question the apex court and the state? There is a need therefore, for politicians to call to a halt their decision to destabilise the State for the good of all.

At present I am in Imo state, I’ve taken time and expended personal resources to go round and conduct investigations. I have also met and listened to relevant stakeholders one on one, and my view about the state as presently constituted is that there is a need for politicians to sheath their swords and realise that the interest of the state is supreme, not their political parties nor political interests.

Imo is a peaceful state and the heartland of Eastern Nigeria. People of goodwill irrespective of age, party affiliation and gender, must join hands with the Government and Governor of Imo state to find lasting solution to the growing sabotage and insecurity in the state.

The angles I believe that citizens have strongly held on to is the 3R mantra of the government od distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma. The path of recovery as the former administration has been said to have squandered the resources of the state, looted with impunity and the state is yearning for recovery of her stolen wealth.

Therefore, this I understand may be the recalcitrant or disgruntled politicians that the Governor referred to during his interview with Seun Akinboloye on Channels TV.

However, I appeal to the government not to relent in its drive to recover every looted property of Imo state. There is also need for the government to reach out to other political interest groups and look at how they jaw-jaw to find a way to some of these pressing issues.

Imo state deserves development, Imo deserves direction, Imo deserves peace and Imo deserves prosperity, and these are not something that anybody will sanely stand against. Therefore, let’s work together for the good of the state.

That is my call, this is my appeal to all interest groups, sheath your sword, let’s work together and find a lasting solution to these issues because what matters most is our state not the political parties.

I also use this opportunity to condemn the miraculous conclusion of the disgraced former Inspector General of Police, Muhammed Adamu, who concluded that the Indigenous People of Biafra and Eastern Security Network outfits were responsible for Owerri prison break. I believe that the former IGP was miraculous in carrying out a full conclusion of investigation to an event of such magnitude less than 12 hours within the confines of his bedroom. If that is how they have been investigating insecurity issues in Nigeria we won’t be where we are today.

There is a need to also call the attention of Mr Usman Akali Baba, the acting IG of police, to please not to tow the line of his unprofessional predecessor in aspect of arriving at a conclusion without proper investigation. It is wrong for the IGP to be seen to be beating about the bush and making concluding statement based on social media hearsay on insecurity issues in Nigeria.

The Eastern Nigeria is a major stakeholder in the Nigeria project, and should therefore not be treated as though they are conquered people.

Thank You!

Mazi Nnamdi Dickson Iroegbu – Anchor/Producer Nigeria Right Now✍🏿

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