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Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo receives COVID-19 vaccine

The General Overseer of Kingsway International Christian Centre, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, has received shot of COVID-19 vaccine.

Ashimolowo, whose church has branches in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, shared photos of his vaccination on social media on Sunday.

“I have taken the vaccination today. Very simple and quick. I encourage all BAME (Black, Asian and ethnic minority community) to take the vaccination. Save lives. Stay Safe. Protect yourselves. We need to do this. Let’s go,” the UK-based Nigerian pastor captioned some photos of his vaccination in a Facebook post.

There have been many conspiracy theories churned out especially on the social media about the safety of the vaccines. Some have also argued on whether Christians or Blacks should take the vaccines or not.

However, in a statement, the church said, “COVID-19 vaccination reduces your risks of severe infection and the need for admission to Intensive Care Unit.

“Evidence is becoming available that vaccination will prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

“The known benefits of COVID-19 vaccinations outweigh the known and potential risks.

“The vaccines do not cause COVID-19 because they do not contain the Coronavirus.

“Taking the vaccine will protect you and other people, especially those that are at significant risk of severe infection.”

With millions of coronavirus-associated deaths recorded globally in the last one year, the need for vaccination cannot be over-emphasised.

From Cairo to Cape Town, from Dar el Salaam to Dakar, African countries have joined the rest of the world to begin mass vaccination programmes against the lethal virus.

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