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Our Senate is rubber stamp, inept and lacklustre – Dickson Iroegbu reacts to service chiefs confirmation as ambassadors

Award winning filmaker, Dickson Iroegbu has described the confirmation of ex-service chiefs as ambassadors by the Nigeria Senate as shameful and an indictment.

In a statement issued by Iroegbu who is also a presidential aspirant on Tuesday, he insists that the Senate President, Mr. Ahmad Lawan has written his name negatively in the annals of history by spearheading a Senate that confirmed failed service chiefs whose sack he once demanded.

Read the letter below:



Recall that a petition by Dickson Nnamdi Iroegbu (Anchor/Producer: Nigeria Right Now), was submitted directly to the office of the Senate President, copied and directly submitted to the office of the Minority Leader of the Senate, and to the office of the Chairman Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs; but was ignored by the Senate. We are terribly discouraged as citizens of Nigeria by this ugly development, knowing that there is no reward for competence or efficiency.

We are sad that the Nigeria Senate, and the entire National Assembly, particularly, the 9th Assembly, is in the pocket of General Muhammadu Buhari, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We are sad that it appears that Nigerians have been conquered and that Nigeria is being governed like a captured territory where bandits are pampered, negotiated with, and are being considered for Amnesty as advocated by Sheikh Ahmed Gumi and some other leaders from the Northern region. Despite the fact that we have seen children abducted from their schools, and even from their mother’s kitchens and father’s bedrooms, our leaders don’t seem perturbed. We have seen women raped and killed, while our leaders watched; everything that keeps a nation together, in Nigeria today is the direct opposite. Our country is going adrift.

We are sad because the National Assembly, particularly, the 9th Senate, ignored the clarion call by notable Nigerians to reject the request for the confirmation of the immediate past service chiefs as non-career ambassadors. We are terribly saddened!

It is unfortunate that this same Senate called for the sack of these former service chiefs for their incompetence while they were in office, yet, this same Senate went ahead to confirm their nomination as non career ambassadors; very unfortunate.

We hope that we will be able to rescue the remains of this country of ours. We just hope that the future still holds something great for Nigeria and Nigerians.

But honestly, as citizens of Nigeria and with the recent development, particularly with the confirmation of these ex-Service chiefs for ambassadorial positions, I must confess that the country is sliding towards anarchy.

Clearly, there is no plan for the Nigerian people! Clearly, the Nigerian people are not considered when decisions are being made by those within the corridors of power.

This confirmation is an indictment on the 9th National Assembly as simply a rubber stamp Assembly for the Executive arm of government.

This is a shame, and a terrible one at that, and we hold Senator Ahmad Lawan, President of the Senate and Chairman of the National Assembly, directly accountable for this ineptitude and lacklustre performance in office.

He has clearly written his name negatively in the annals of history. History will never forget that we once had a Senate President who had no mind of his own, nor courage to do justice to all Nigerians, a puppet of the Executive arm of government.

All we can say right now is that God help Nigeria, because only God can save us right now.

Dickson Nnamdi Iroegbu
For: Nigeria Right Now

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