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Exclusive: MBA FOREX scam billions of naira from Nigerians

Nigerians who invested in MBA FOREX Trading and Capital Investment Company are currently groaning and regretting their investment in the company. Most of them have neither received return on investment (ROI) nor their capital.

Majority of them have come on social media to condemn what they describe as the callousness and insensitivity on the part Dr Maxwell Odum, the Chief Executive officer of MBA FOREX.

The Facebook page of MBA FOREX LIMITED describes how the company works:

“We trade with hard currency here like bitcoin and some other business we make 3tripple of your donation and send you two part and we benefit one part*

*Example if you invest with 50k within 2hours we make profit of 150k then in 3hours we send 100k to you then profit 50k*

*This is not �MMM where they merge people to donate for each other!!*

*You pay directly to us and we credit you directly*


Below are the reactions of some of the investors in social media:

Investors were told to invest from 300k up wards and get a percentage of their investment every month and you can cash out or renew every 6months. Like a fraudster that knows that Nigerians are gullible due to the present economy situation, MBA FOREX made billions of naira from Nigerians and decided to throw caution to the wind. Dr Maxwell Odum, the owner of the company has branches in all the major cities across Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, Aba, Asaba; millions of Nigerians has been swindled and the law enforcement agencies sit back and watch, Dr Maxwell Odum who has done series of videos both on Instagram and Facebook promise to refund investment in batches but yet no single person has come out to be beneficial of that promise.

Reports had it that one of the investors in Aba almost committed suicide when he went to their office at Aba Owerri road and found out that the office has been closed and no staff was seen at the premises. All phone numbers associated with the company is either switched off or not being answered. – Mr. Mike

MBA is a scam, the CEO Maxwell Odum should be arrested for fraud. EFCC take note. – Augustine

Pls ooo,when will u people bay us ooooo – Felix Amaefula

I regretted the day I heard about this company. I pray for Gods mercy for making such a horrible decision of my life. Despite the red flag I got, I ignored, God HV mercy on me. – Bridget

This man called Maxwell Odum is a wicked man after given people hope about commencement of payment – Chidi Clinton

I am not really sure MBA want to pay back this money. The guy who is their agent i know sent this to me and told me that their offices would never reopen again, that they are no longer staff of MBA. So i want to ask, how would they do the work of verification and payment since these guys are no longer working for MBA. – Samuel Nwakpolu

Maxwell Odum, CEO MBA Trading and Capital investment has defrauded the general public via his company MBA Trading and Capital Investment by breaching the Memorandum of Understanding and withholding their ROI and Capital Investment.

The company (MBA Trading and Capital Investment) was formed on the basis that the general public give their fund(Capital) to the said company to trade in the forex market on their behalf and pay 15% to the investors monthly.

We are calling on the investors of MBA Trading and Capital Investment to sign this petition

He(Maxwell Odum) and company (MBA Trading and Capital Investment) has refused to pay the investors their Return on Investment neither return their Capital Investment to the investors since November 2020.

He’s currently making plans to travel out of Nigeria. This petition is to restrict him from traveling out of the country pending when he has settled the investors.

The appropriate agencies should keep an eye on him and restrict him from traveling out of the country (Nigeria) – Okemini Chidi

If he’s going let him go with his father,his house, hotel and water factories all landed properties in Niger state and Abuja, also in Cameron republic – Aminu Danjuma

Maxwell u think u are smart ba but this one will not cross ur throat that i can assure u – Kingsley Ebuka

Maxwell is a liar . RBGlobal bank crypto currencies in Australia dupe investors, it was shutdown. Our team took Laurie Saurez the CEO to court in Australia. We hired a lawyer in Australia from Nigeria. We won the case and he paid with interest. – Nelson Ogoro

All attempts to speak with Dr Maxwell Odum or members of staff of his company proved abortive. The phone calls put across to them did not go through.

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