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CNN questions 774,000 jobs for unskilled workers in Nigeria

By Chukwudumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia CNN

The following questions trouble the carapace of my mind regarding the 774,000 jobs for itinerant and unskilled workers in Nigeria for a period of 3 months.

  1. What economic sense does paying 60,000naira to 774000 persons over a period of 3months make?
  2. Is government inadvertently breaching its minimum wage Law of 30,000naira for every worker in Nigeria, since 60,000naira over a period of 3 months translates to 20,000naira per month?
  3. What happens after the 3months? How will that ultimately improve their lot?
  4. Has Government wondered how more than 774,000 Artisans and Petty Traders would improve their lives and livelihood had government fixed power? Now that they have increased Electricity Tariff, just yesterday 10,000naira got me only 187units, what will happen to the poor?
  5. How will the freebies help the itinerant and unskilled Nigerian worker (Teach them to fish, don’t give them fish, give them seedlings instead)? And how will freebies grow the economy?
  6. Why is this government more interested in throwing away money than truly improving the lot of the people, Why?
  7. Where is the impact of the Trillions that have been spent allegedly as support for the poorest of the poor? Why share monies that can be invested in Skill Acquisition, why not teach the unskilled some skill rather than dash them money for 3months?
  8. Is the present government oblivious of the fact that ploughing more money into the economy in areas other than infrastructural investment/development and other established sectors of the economy will only increase inflation, is the present two digits rate of inflation not bad enough?

Anyway ‘I no be economist, I no know book, and I no sabi anything’, I’m just asking questions as someone who loves my Country, and one who cares about the legacy of the present watch, if at all they care. O That Men May Think!!!

May God Bless Nigeria, and Guide our Leaders Right.

Chukwudumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia CNN.

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