Your wife’s money is not your money – Reno Omokiri

Mr. Reno Omokiri

Former spokesman to President Ebele Jonathan, Reno Omokiri has taken to Twitter and Instagram to advise husbands to avoid any income that comes from their wives.

The controversial author and critic tweeted:

Dear husband, Your money is meant for you, your wife and children to spend. But your wife’s money is not meant for you. Don’t even think of it. Don’t make plans for it. Pretend it doesn’t even exist. Never eye your wife’s money. Make your own! #FreeLeahSharibu#RenosNuggets

However some Twitter users disagreed with him:

“Your assertion is not scriptural sir. When Eve ate the apple, she didn’t eat it alone, she ate hers, nd kept for Adam.. In other words, she shared it with Adam. A wife shouldn’t spend her money on herself alone. When the husband is not financially well off, the wife should help.”

“If both are salary earners a proportion of the incomes of both of them has to be set aside for the running of the home. There is nothing like the wife’s money is her money and the husband’s money is his money. In marriage, both becomes one in everything. “

“My husband money is for the family, my own money is also for the family, from that day at the alter, we become one body and we share ideas and opportunities, am in full support of my husband both financially and emotionally.”