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Fuel price hike: Stop complaining, lead a protest Nigerians tell PDP & Atiku

Frustrated Nigerians have taken to social media to voice out their displeasure over the recent hike in petrol and electricity tariff price and the docile attitude of the main opposition party and its leaders.

Petrol prices have increased for three straight months, rising from N121.50–N123.50 per litre in June to N140.80-N143.80 in July, N148-N150 in August and N158-N162 in September. The Petroleum Products Marketing Company, a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation had, on Wednesday, increased the ex-depot price of Premium Motor Spirit (petrol) to N151.56 per litre from N138.62 per litre but later reduced it to N147.67. The ex-depot price is the price at which the product is sold to marketers at the depots.

As the main opposition political party PDP added their voice to price increase describing it as callous and insensitive, a cross section of Nigerians have called out PDP and her party leaders for not hitting the streets to lead a protest. They insinuate that the opposition parties in Nigeria are very weak and are scared of President Buhari reaction. Here are some of the submissions:

“If truly @atiku is a True and Genuine Leader he claimed to be he should do the Needful. After all, @MBuhari did same while he was in the Opposition. This is not a Party or Partisan issue but, a Clarion Call for Patriotic Nigerians to rally together to Rescue our Country”

“This is long overdue…. What baffles me is how some people complain about the near-revolution of 2012 vis à vis what’s happening today. The opposition mobilized the citizenry against the government of the day to sell their own agenda. How’s today’s opposition mobilization to sell its agenda? Or do we want to pretend that activism isn’t one of the tools an opposition can use against a ruling government? While the reality of increase in prices of petrol and electricity is excruciatingly biting, it’s unfortunate that the major opposition party is not providing the platform for resistance for the people. ACN, Save Nigeria Group, CPC never adopted the ‘cry-cry-baby method’, they struggled, they mobilized and effectively, the joined forces to oust the ruling party. Maybe the opposition can use this times as the launchpad to getting to power.”

“Secondus lacks the guts to organize such protests. Secondly the Government of PDP under Jonathan is not the same as the APC under Buhari. While Jonathan allowed protests as a Democrat, Buhari does not and will as soon send security operatives on clampdown missions. We are gradually going back to the 1984 era.”

“They are the ones in power now.
PDP is now the opposition.
Its PDP’s turn to hit the street if the are unhappy.
No be Buhari & Oyegun go protest pump price they set.”

“PDP should go out to the streets and stage a protest like Buhari and others did when PDP was in power. why are they complaining like babies? Protest is the way out of this messy fuel price increase unless they are afraid of Buhari.”

“If Atiku, Saraki, Peter Obi, Kwakwanso lead a peaceful protest, I’m 99% sure police, DSS, soldier will not shoot, arrest or teargas them. Automatically those that attend such protest will enjoy the same immunity. If they have this power and yet refused to hit the road, then … “

“Dear H. E. @atiku, come out and lead Nigerians in a nationwide protest!”

“The funny thing is, PDP has the crowd to stop the anti people policies of the APC/Buhari by challenging them in the National Assembly or starting a nationwide protest in every state, but they’re indifferent. What does that tell us? PDP is no Opposition Party”

“When I knew Atiku and PDP were cowards only interested in getting power and return Nigeria to share the money era was when besides twitter rant, they didn’t march for illegal removal of a CJN. If they couldn’t march to defend rule of law, how can they do it for poor people?”

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