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You are a hypocrite – Nigerians attack Daddy Freeze on twitter

Daddy Freeze and Ray Hushpuppi

Daddy Freeze has reacted to the backlash that trailed a video of him dining with arrested suspected fraudster, Hushpuppi. 

The media personality known for calling out Pastors over some of their actions, was accused of hypocrisy for dining with Hushpuppi. He was also accused of mocking unemployed Nigerians as he mentioned how much the “Instagram” big boy pays his driver and cleaner. Here sre some of the reactions on twitter:

“You need to be arrested because you’re also a fraudster daddy freeze.”

“This Daddy Freeze is pained and all the drags got to him. He couldn’t even hide his pain in that video or how else do you explain someone cussing out at people on the Internet as opposed to giving a logical response? His scriptural reference is also totally unrelated.”

“I am yet to see anyone twist D scriptures so bad like this guy Jesus ate with Pharisees& sinners & called them out &preached to them He didn’t tell other people 2 emulate their sinful lives like Daddy freeze did when he said pple should come& beg Huspupy 2employ their fathers”

“When this idiotic ass licker was shouting “this year go rugged Oo” he never anticipated the year go rugged for him. Awon hushpuppi ass licker e don rugged for you, bloody hypocrite daddy freeze #DaddyFreeze

” Tbh, I think Daddy Freeze needs to be “jailed small”, not for anything but for supporting Fraud, for castigating hardworking Nigerians in the past and for been a hypocrite. An enlightened Fool . Mazi what do you think? #HushpuppiArrest

“You’re an hypocrite Daddy Freeze. You dined and wined with Hushpuppi. You were saying shit behind the scene when he was talking about his driver and cleaner. You drag pastors and solicits for fraudsters, henceforward I withdraw the respect I have for you.”

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