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Hushpuppi & yahoo criminals makes us look lazy – Actor Ochendo

Mcsmith Ochendo

Actor McSmith Ochendo has reacted to the trending news about Dubai based fraudster, Ray Hushpuppi who was recently arrested by Dubai police for defrauding 1.9 million people.

Ochendo maintained that yahoo criminals make hardworking young men appear lazy in the eyes of the public but that politicians are the digital yahoo yahoo.

“Well I feel for him even though I do not subscribe to fraud. If you do the crime, be ready to do the time. I still find it hard to believe that a man who does crime will have the effrontery to flaunt his ill-gotten wealth on social media.

I think he played himself. Let the law take it’s course. These motherfuckers make us look like we are lazy. Uzo, I don’t have a laptop. I never swindled anybody in my life.

These sons of pharaoh keep giving us a bad name. They now see every Nigerian as a fraudster which is very disheartening. “

On how the society celebrates ill gotten wealth, Ochendo has this to say,

“It’s not a thing of joy but then again, this hunger in the land and our leaders are not even helping matters. Uzo, the biggest Yahoo boys are politicians. I call them digital Yahoo boys. These heartless people steal our money everyday and nothing is being done about it. So people tend to celebrate Yahoo boys because they feel that the bigger Yahoo boys are not prosecuted. They now see it as a way of life. There’s hunger in the land.”

Ray Hushpuppi

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