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Indabosky Odumeje clash with Arondizuogu indigenes at Awka police station

Yesterday, June 4, 2920, we kept the appointment at the Anambra State CID Headquaters, Awka to attend the interview scheduled for us as petitioners and Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere alias Odumeje as suspect. It was a fearsome confrontation that will not be forgotten in a hurry by anyone present at the location. It became obvious to all and sundry who was the Lion and who was the sneaky cat. It’s a long story but I will only give the outlines.

  1. We arrived Awka at about 12.20pm in a six-vehicle convoy with a strong squad of twenty one (21) fearless men ready for action.
  2. The men in the squad were as follows:
  3. Barr. Mike Ojiako
  4. Barr. Uche Ohia, Ph.D
  5. Barr. Ike Nwankwo
  6. Chief Iyke Kanu (Ozone)
  7. Mazi Uchenna Ukpabia (Power House)
  8. Mazi Ugochukwu Azubuike (Ebube Izuogu)
  9. Mazi Omo Azubuike (Omo Pericomo)
  10. Mazi Johnbosco Azubuike (Fenfe Pericomo)
  11. Ogadi Uto
  12. Udoka Obiagwu (Swagger)
  13. Buike Chukwu
  14. Mazi Ezuma (Upstairs)
  15. Odumegwu Okoli
  16. Chukwumere Igwegbe
  17. Ejike Igboeri
  18. Mazi Joe Nwafor (Ochiaghaoma)
  19. Ugoo Ohuegbe
  20. Daniel Ukwu
  21. Martin Ndumanya (Nigger)
  22. Chief Obioha Nwosu and
  23. Ike Adolphus
  24. Another team of Arondizuogu boys that wanted to join us from Onitsha with the sole target of attacking the suspects were stopped from coming.
  25. On arrival, we met with the IPO DSP Lucky and with the OC, CSP Mark who confirmed that we brought with us a flat screen TV and a DVD player as requested. We also came with a laptop just in case.
  26. We learnt that Odumeje’s advance team had arrived and he was being expected. We saw saw of his men who we had seen in some of his videos hanging around.
  27. We took positions in all directions and waited. The entrance gate was covered with video.
  28. Soon Odumeje arrived. He was escorted by an army patrol van which turned round and parked outside as soon as his car pulled up at the gate.
  29. As his car drove in we marked him and the few men with him closely while waiting for the Deputy Commissioner of Police to clear his office to receive us.
  30. Outnumbered, he was forced to sit in his car for close to 20 minutes.
  31. When we were invited in, he ventured out of his car fearfully with one of his lawyers guarding him protectively.
  32. As our men who had defied the “No Phones” policy of the state CID took photos of Odumeje, one of his stooges wearing a red cap challenged us and we nearly ate him raw. Omo Pericomo, Power House and a few of our men advanced towards him with red eyes and he quickly retreated towards the OC’s office. By then we had all switched to attack mode.
  33. We insisted that Odumeje’s people must be relieved of their phones because they are notorious social media filmmakers. We pointed out the red cap fool who accused us of filming Odumeje was the same man that filmed the DCP’s office with Odumeje on Tuesday. We raised dust angrily and the man ran into the Oc’s office for protection.
  34. Meanwhile, Odumeje was shaking visibly and his lawyers were running helter skelter as the policemen attached to the DCP appealed to us to calm down. We ensured that he did not have sitting space.
  35. Shortly, it was time for the interview. Being large in number, all of us could not go in. Four (4) men were chosen from Odumeje’s side and four (4) men were chosen from our side.


  1. Barr. Mike Ojiako
  2. Barr. Uche Ohia, Ph.D
  3. Barr. Ike Nwankwo
  4. Mazi Ugochukwu Azubuike


  1. Odumeje
  2. His lawyer, Prof. Barr. M. N. Umenweke from Umuchu
  3. His second lawyer
  4. Mr. Chukwuemeka Ikegwuonu (the fake red cap chief) who we had intimidated earlier. He did not join his team but remained in hiding, so Odumeje had only the two lawyers with him while we were four in number.
  5. The DCP addressed us. He said the interview was a fact-finding exercise to enable the police conclude the investigation and appealed to us not to fight in his office.
  6. We introduced ourselves. Seeing three lawyers in our team the DCP exclaimed. We told him that we came with 7 lawyers and 4 are outside. Without delay, we restated our case against Odumeje and told the DCP that the anger in Arondizuogu over Odumeje’s malicious and defamatory videos against Arondizuogu and Pericomo/Pericomo’s family is so intense that the case of Aguleri and Umuleri will be a child’s play if care is not taken in this case. We reiterated that our petition is to avert breach of peace and bloodshed but that even after our petition, Odumeje has continued to make highly offensive and provocative videos daring us to do our worst and that the danger of breach of peace is till high. Pericomo’s son, Ugochukwu (Ebube Izuogu) made an emotional speech indicating that he never heard of, met or quarrelled with Odumeje and cannot understand why he choose to defame and destroy the reputation of his family.
  7. Odumeje’s lawyers spoke for him and both were talking about peace and reconciliation with references to the apology released by Odumeje but we insisted that Odumeje should speak for himself. The DCP agreed. In poor English, Odumeje began to talk about God and forgiveness and love and reconciliation but the DCP told him that peace is desirable but that the police needed to confirm the allegations in the petition first before going any further.
  8. Four out of eight videos which we submitted as exhibits were played on DVD and everyone saw Odumeje engaging in hate speeches, mudslinging, defamation against Pericomo and his family. He was also seen challenging Arondizuogu to show him one rich/strong man that they have – clearly challenging a peaceful community to a duel without provocation.
  9. The videos were interpreted in English to the DCP. He was shocked. Odumeje’s lawyers also appeared surprised and embarrassed with one of them saying he was seeing the videos for the first time.
  10. When Odumeje was requested to respond to the content of the videos which he had denied in his statement, he began to ramble again about how he loved Arondizuogu and about peace and love. His lawyers joined him to talk about reconciliation and peace again.
  11. We reminded Odumeje that we heard him say in one of his videos that he is not a man of peace, that he is the war and that we are surprised that he is preaching peace. We informed him that we are descendants of fearless ancestors and that we are ready for war if that is what he wants.
  12. We told Odumeje and his lawyers that Arondizuogu rejects in totality the so-called written apology released by Odumeje to which they kept referring and advised them that a defamation made on video can only be retracted via video but even at that, that our mandate from Arondizuogu is not to negotiate peace but to ensure that police investigation is concluded for further legal action.
  13. We complained bitterly to the DCP about the non-arrest of Odumeje’s co-conspirators who are visible in the offensive videos one of whom we saw earlier wearing a red cap and walking up and down freely in the CID premises – the same man that has been making videos and instigating Odumeje to ride on with his acts of criminal defamation.
  14. The DCP was perplexed and ordered that the man be brought to his office immediately. The man was matched into the office wearing a red cap and beads on his right hand. When the DCP asked him “Are you a chief?” and he said “No”, the DCP was furious. “You are not a chief and you are wearing a red cap? Remove that cap! You must be an area boy! Yes! I was a DPO in Lagos for 13 years. You are a typical area boy.” The man tried to speak but Odumeje’s lawyers told him to shut up. The DCP ordered the IPO to take him away, take his statement and lock him up. (We later found out that the fake red cap chief is Mr. Chukwuemeka Ikegwuonu, a jobless man from Alor and one of Odumeje’s praise singers.
  15. The DCP thanked us for coming and announced that the final interview will be held with the CP and that we shall be given advance notice of the date. He appealed to us to calm our men outside so that Odumeje’s people can leave without incident. We assured him that we came in peace and shall leave in peace provided non of Odumeje’s men provokes us.
  16. The DCP told Odumeje’s lawyers that Odumeje cannot leave because his statement is at variance with the disclosures at the interview. In layman’s language, he meant that Odumeje lied to the police and he was being rearrested.
  17. Both Odumeje and his fake red cap chief will need sureties to bail them if the police decide to grant them bail and that will depend on if the police are convinced that they will not interfere with investigations.
  18. It was a great dy for Arondizuogu. We arrived with our heads held high and left with our shoulders held higher. All the men in our formidable squad were gallant, fearless and ready for combat even inside the State CID headquarters. The lead lawyer, Barr. Mike Ojiako who is from Urualla was amazed. He said he had never seen such boldness and patriotism, no wonder people say that Izuogu na anyi ajo aru.
  19. We left the CID Hqrs and retired to a restaurant for lunch. Power House (Mazi Uchenna Ukpabia) graciously picked the bills for our lunch and it was no small bill. We are grateful to him and to all the gladiators who came prepared to pay the ultimate prize for the defence of the integrity of our beloved homeland because anything could have happened at Awka yesterday.
  20. We thank rhe group Coordinator, Ogbuehi Obiy Tiger Okpuruisi (Mbanabaragu) who kept calling to inspire and motivate us and who, to our amazement, raised a fierce back-up team ready to rush to our rescue from Onitsha in case of emergency. That was very thoughtful and reassuring.
  21. The legal team ordered a discreet recording devise but it arrived via waybill from Enugu as we were leaving the DCP’s office.
    It will come in handy in the days ahead. The only thing we have are bits and pieces of videos and photos by members of the squad.
  22. Further to the notice served in the last update, the Legal Team has come to the end of the race today and we are ready to hand over the case file to the next Legal Team to continue from where we stopped.

God bless Arondizuogu and thanks for the opportunity to serve in the battle to uphold our heritage.

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