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Nigerian boy accuse Solomon of sexual assault

A popular male model, Solomon has been accused of sexual assault by a young boy named Nnamdi. The model had posted a campaign against rape on social media which prompted his supposed victim to speak up. Hear him:

I was sexually molested by @justsolomon_ _ A THREAD,, Around October last year i had an encounter with him (we used to be really good friends I went to see him a few days after i got back from SA,, we laughed and he asked me how my trip went and i told him about everything, we even made jokes about the girls i hooked up with over there, now shit took a rather strange turn when he told me he wanted to speak to me about something, He then proceeded to ask me to sleep with him. I mean I’m saying this neega offered to give me money (10k) to think about it and that was where i got pissed off, he went into his kitchen (still upset) and started banging on the door, refrigerator, he was basically showing his aggression and in my mind I was like if he tries anything funny imma beat him tf up and He won’t survive it, instead of putting myself in that situation I left and he texted me after asking me why i left and why I was being a “KID” lol after everything we saw like twice and after the whole saga our relationship became Rocky and we stopped being friends ever since,, There has been similar complaints from allot of people with similar experiences and I mean because they’re boys they wouldn’t want to come out and say things like this because of what people would say or how people would react to it.

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