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Another 18-year-old raped and murdered at home in Ibadan

Barakat Bello

Another young woman was raped and murdered on Monday night, June 1st, in her home at Ibadan and Twitter users are calling for justice for her.

#JusticeForBarakat began trending this morning on Twitter following the rape and murder of Barakat Bello in Akinyele, Ibadan.

Barakat was a Science Laboratory Technology ND1 student of the Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology Moore Plantation in Apata Ibadan, Oyo.

Here are some the tweets:

You see this beautifully covered lady? She got RAPED and MURDERED around her Akinyele home in ÌBÀDÀN yesterday!! #JusticeForBarakat#JusticeForUwa#JusticeForTina#SayNoToRapist

Despite all the virtual protests going on, Barakat Bello was RAPED and MURDERED in ÌBÀDÀN just yesterday!! While we clamour for Justice online, Something needs to be done offline (On our streets) Stricter punishments for these bastards. #JusticeForBarakat#SayNoToRapist

Barakat was just 18. She was fully clothed and in HER house. Y’all idiots should come & tell us how she “asked” for it. Cause y’all were still asking why Uwa went to church to read. So tell us what Barakat should NOT have done to avoid being raped and KILLED #JusticeForBarakat

A Hijabite, Barakat was reportedly raped & murdered close to her Dad’s house at Akinyele Local Government Area in Ibadan (2/6/20). Rapists don’t care about your age, dress code or consent, they are evil & should be made to face the wrath of law! #JusticeForBarakat#SayNoToRapist

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